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Woman Gets Bitten By A Snake While Using Her Toilet


A big snake has reportedly bitten a woman in Thailand after she sat on a toilet to defecate.

The snake which was inside the toilet bit the woman’s thigh causing massive bleeding from the spot.

Narrating the story on her social media page, Chunya Sittiwichai who is the victim’s daughter said the apartment which housed the toilet is located in the village, however, she said she would never have believed a snake could find its way into the toilet.

Sittiwichai explained that the snake wrapped itself around her mother’s body, while it stuck its fangs into her thigh.

Her mother in the midst of the pain cried for help but as she ran into the bathroom, she became terrified at the sight of the big snake and her mother’s blood which had splashed on the wall.

Sittiwichai was asked by her mother, who could not get up, to hit the snake but she [the daughter] could not.

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However, help came when her brother was called into action. Using a hammer the brother smashed the snake’s head which was held in position by the mother.

“So, mom caught the snake’s head and pressed it on the floor, but it still strapped my mother. Mom asked my brother to pick up the hammer and he smashed it. Then the snake released my mother, and my brother pulled mom up and closed the door to lock the snake in the toilet,” Sittiwichai said.

Speaking further, the victim’s daughter added that the snake was later evacuated from the bathroom with the help of an expert, while her mother got her wounds stitched in the hospital.

“Finally, the foundation officer came to take the snake out, and dad took mom to the hospital for stitching of the cut by snake. My mom is so cool. If it was me, I would faint. I wouldn’t do anything and would have still been strapped in the toilet,” she added.