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Gov.Ganduje Reveals The Most Peaceful State In Nigeria


The Governor made the comment on Friday when he led a Kano delegate to meet with President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja.

“Kano state, as of today, is the most peaceful state in the country,” Ganduje said. “No armed robbery, no banditry, no tribal conflict, no religious conflict, even the few cases of kidnapping, the kingpins have been arrested.”

His comments come amid increasing reports of insecurity across the country.

The Governor credited his claims of peace to the introduction of information communication technologies into the state’s security administration. “That’s why we are succeeding,” he said.

He also noted that inter-agency cooperation is high among security officials in the state.

“There is full cooperation among the security agencies and Kano state is providing an enabling environment for the security agencies, especially in terms of community policing,” he said.

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“Also we have succeeded in establishing a very powerful command and control centre where all security agencies, their representatives, do communicate with each other. And from that centre, the security agencies are being able to communicate with all the DPOs across the 44 local governments of the state.”

He also revealed the plan of his government to construct an army training centre in Falgore forest  – one of the largest game reserves in the country – to deter bandits from occupying the space.

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