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David Lyon Reacts To His Sack, Calls For Peace & Calm Amidst Protests


The man whose election as governor of Bayelsa state was recently nullified by the Supreme Court hours to his inauguration, Chief David Lyon, has urged his supporters to remain calm.

Lyon said he had been a peacemaker and would not support, sponsor or direct anybody to engage in violent protest and agitation because of the ruling.

He made this known in a statement issued by Alphine Ogoh.

Lyon denied the allegations that he was encouraging people to engage in violence following the ruling; describing it as unfounded and defamatory.

“Chief David Lyon reassures Nigerians and the peace-loving people of Bayelsa State that as a law-abiding citizen, he will never support, sponsor or direct anyone to engage in acts inimical to the progress and wellbeing of the same people he seeks to govern,” the statement read.

He insists on using all available legal processes in the light of the highjacking of his people-given mandate in Bayelsa State.

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The statement further said:

” Chief David Lyon recognizes that there are different stakeholders in politics and they all reserve their inalienable rights to their opinions on issues affecting their wellbeing.

“Such stakeholders are also at liberty to express their opinions on issues but they should do so at all times within the ambit of the constitution and without making unfounded and unsubstantiated remarks against others, which amount to defamation.

“Chief David Lyon insists that those who know him and have interacted with him can attest to the indisputable fact that he is a peace-loving person.

“His peaceful demeanor was demonstrated in the last governorship elections, when he seamlessly led peaceful electoral campaigns in the state.

“Chief David Lyon has respect for civil liberty and believes in legal and democratic processes of resolving issues.”