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Miyetti Allah Threatens To Creates Its Security Outfit


Angered by the launch of the South-West Security Outfit, Operation Amotekun, the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore has threatened to set up its own security outfit.

The threat was issued by the group’s National President, Abdullahi Bodejo, while expressing fears over the security outfits springing in different parts of he country.

He boasted that the Fulanis are in every corner in Nigeria and other countries of the world. So if the Fulanis set up their own security outfit, it will be too formidable. He insisted that it would be disastrous if everyone is allowed to have their own security outfit.

“if the Fulani should set up its own, how many countries will that be; how many countries do they not have brothers- Our brothers are in Cameroun, Niger, Chad, Mali etc. Some migrated to Ghana to rear their cows and other parts of the world,” Bodejo said.

He said that his organization is observing how the government would respond to the “illegal” security outfit “because if it comes to our side. I don’t think it is something that anybody can control.”

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“If we are pushed to set up our own security outfit, nobody can control it because nobody knows how many Fulani in Nigeria; we are more than every tribe in this country, we are in every corner,” Bodejo warned,” he added.

“If anything happens to this country whether break up, nothing can affect the Fulani. Nothing can affect the Fulani.”

Bittertruth Media recalls that apart from the establishment of Amotekun in the South-West, there are plans by the north and the South-East to also set up their security outfits.