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Senator Abe Sues For Peace In Rivers State APC


Former Lawmaker representing Rivers South-East Senatorial District, Senator Magnus Abe has sued for peace among warring members of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Rivers State.

The former Governorship Aspirant who leads one faction of the APC in Rivers State against the faction loyal to Transportation Minister, Rotimi Amaechi in a post on his social media page Friday night lamented over the pains the crises have brought upon the party and its members.

He said:

“We are not in a good place right now. The truth is that we have very few options left to us as a party, Fight to finish is only one of our options. Reading through the threads here tonight (which I have not done in a long while) it appears to be the most popular option for obvious reasons.

It is often said that those who have nothing to lose have everything to gain, and those who have nothing to gain have everything to loose.

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However for the sake of Rivers state and Rivers people I will like to be part of those are prepared to let go of the past and seek a new future for our party.

I do not believe that it will be easy but I do believe that it can be done.

Unfortunately there are some of us who are stuck in the past, still dredging up imaginary injuries, who relish in re-opening self inflicted wounds that cannot be allowed to heal. In this party everyone has his own story of contributions and sacrifices unappreciated and unrewarded, stories of pain and hurt that has led us to this point where we must hurt one another and destroy each other and every body to ease our pain.

But politics is about joy, how do we make our own life’s and life’s and circumstances of those around us better? and happier?.

Like I said a fight to finish may be the most visible and most popular option because it gives us the opportunity and the satisfaction of inflicting pain on those that we are convinced have hurt us, and it is a tempting proposition for all of us who feel we have suffered so much.”

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Senator Abe also said in a bid to work towards the peace he is advocating, he intends to be meeting with key members of the party who genuinely want an end to the lingering crises in the party.

“In the days ahead I will like to engage party members who are sincerely interested looking for another way.

Those who have taken inflexible positions need not join in that conversation. Meanwhile Let me appeal to everyone to get some sleep and stay safe. Sleep helps us reason better and a sound night’s rest may bring some insights on the way forward….”, He wrote.


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