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Prof.Soyinka Knocks Buhari Over Lopsided Appointments, Says, He Isn’t In Charge


Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has knocked President Muhammadu Buhari over the lopsided nature of appointments under his administration.

Prof.Soyinka in an interview on PlusTv Africa also alleged that President Buhari is not in charge of Nigeria and demanded the punishment of those responsible for alleged lopsided appointments under the Buhari Presidency.

The renowned writer, who reacted to an open letter written by Umar Dangiwa, retired colonel and former military administrator of Kaduna, over skewed appointments in Buhari’s regime, called for decentralisation of the country.

Soyinka said: “Umar hits the nail hard and got to the point factually without self-interest. I was appalled when I saw the letter and I said to myself why should I be surprised that such atrocities have been going on.

“They said there is going to be an inquiry. I think it is a waste of time and energy. There will be some joggling here and there. The answer for me will always get back to decentralisation.

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“This kind of revelation (by Col. Umar) is earth-shaking and really nation disintegrating. It requires two things: One is outright denial with proof that it is false. Two, literally, a restructuring of that sector completely. Something like (to) send everybody there on temporary leave and revamp.

“People come to me with all kinds of documented evidence of this greed and insult to the nation.

“I was appalled by the silence that followed this revelation. There are many of us who feel inhibited. We don’t want to make statements that might seem inflammatory. And yet this kind of reticence encourages a sense of impunity.

“I think those responsible for this criminal lopsidedness should be punished. It is not sufficient to discuss it and to say you are restructuring. It is criminal at this level. It requires an upheaval in that sector.”

Soyinka also insisted that Buhari was not in charge of the country, asking him to take the allegation of lopsided appointments seriously.

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“I have said this before. I don’t believe there is really anybody in charge in Aso Rock. I’m sorry to say this. But I’ve been studying the trend over the past year and a half and I believe this president is not in charge of this nation, in so many aspects and directions.

“I’m convinced he’s not really and totally with it. Because as a responsible leader, there should have been an address to the nation on this. For me, it is so serious. We know the history and what it has caused the nation. This man is not in charge,” Soyinka added.