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Cubana Chief priest and his amazing Boss Obi Cubana is how Masters should treat Workers. The love between them is Unbelievable

See the best Oga and employee relationship: Cubana Chief Priest and his Boss.
Cubana Chief priest and Obi Cubana
The Boss to employee relationship we are accustomed to is the master to slave type of relationship, where an employee hardly dine with his/her boss. The type were a boss and employee only see in the office alone. It’s rare to see a boss and his worker become best friends or just friends. Most employers often feel that if they allow their workers to come close to them they would lose respect from them.
The type of relationship between Obi Cubana and Cubana Chief priest is very strong that you would not know that one of them is the boss and the owner is just a worker.
Obi Cubana is the founder and Chairman of Cubana group of companies. Why Cubana chief priest is his worker. They both hang out often and the maturity in their relationship is great. Even though they often hang out, Cubana Chief knows his place and respect his boss alot.
Cubana Chief priest once said that if not for Obi Cubana who gave him an opportunity, he would still be in Aba probably as a shoe maker.

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